Does Your Teen Spend Too Much Time on Their Cellphone? Fun and Easy to do Exercises Ten Fun Ideas to Ring in the New Year Empowering Families in Darfur Are Your Children Getting Necessary Check-Ups? Winter Clothing Drive

Does Your Teen Spend Too Much Time on Their Cellphone?

How many hours are spent texting and calling?

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Fun and Easy to do Exercises

Hula hoops and jump ropes provide great cardio workouts

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Ten Fun Ideas to Ring in the New Year

Kids get ready to celebrate!

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Empowering Families in Darfur

Education will play a key role in recovery for families in Darfur

Are Your Children Getting Necessary Check-Ups?

Medical Check-ups are essential to the healthy development of children and teens.

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Winter Clothing Drive

Our Winter clothing drive begins in September to aid families in need of warm clothing and shoes in the San Diego area.

Back To School Basics

What you can do to minimize stress, anxiety and expense while getting back into school mode.

Staying Active

How do you stay active? From walking to hiking and biking, there are many low-impact means of staying active and getting fit.

Life-long Learning

Life-long learning and growth are key elements to success in our current economic environment.

Fun in the Sun

Make sure you are getting enough vitamin D. The sun is a great resource for getting vitamin D, but ensure those sun visits are in moderation and that sun screen is used.

Donate Now

Please help us reach our goal of raising $5,000!

We want to help low-income families by providing winter clothing, shoes and accessories to them. Even the smallest donations will make a difference; will you consider helping us reach our goal?

Our Current Projects and Initiatives

Building self-confidence and self-reliance in the community

Welcome to the Kimble Foundation!

We strive to help those in our community thrive despite social-economic hardships or perceived disadvantages. We are driven to improve self-confidence, self-reliance and empowerment in youth and adults seeking our support.

Current Developments

Making a Difference

Making a Difference

Making Family Time a Priority

We all have busy schedules; whether it be caring for loved ones, working one or many jobs, maintaining the home and so on, we must always remember to invest time in our families.

Labor Day 2014

What are you planning to do over the Labor Day Weekend?

Our Team

Our team is comprised of innovaive, creative and strategic men and women focussed on serving those in need in our community and abroad.

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