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About Our Work



Our mission is to understand, support and provide meaningful opportunities and services for every human being no matter how young or how old they may be and spark their curiosity to overcome the challenges that life has presented them with, no matter how small or large or how difficult or simple to face. Our mission is not complete until we touch the lives of all who dared to dream for fear of social-economic or societal barriers being there to prevent them from achieving greatness in all aspects of life, everyone dream matters, even those that are just a little further from reach at the moment. 

United, we serve San Diego County’s economically and educationally disadvantaged men, women, children, families and veterans with food, basic humanitarian supplies and clothing, support services, and resource location to help end poverty, homelessness, abuse and isolation to improve their ability to thrive, gain self-confidence, and become self-reliant.


Our vision is a world in which every human beings dreams, hopes and aspirations in life are met, a world where social-economic status, education, race, past shortcomings, gender and/or age do not determine how successful an individual can be be, but rather how big they dare to dream with limitless opportunities to strive for success to their hearts content.

Charity projects


Our key initiatives in the Southern California area include improving the self-esteem and self-confidence of school-aged children and youth through character building workshops, sports sponsorships, computer and educational study related training programs and clothing and shoe distribution initiatives. 

One of our most popular programs is our film production program where we offer real-world film production experience to members of the community with no requirement of past experience so that they can gain valuable career skills to break into or expand their existing roles in the film industry. We use state of the art cinematography equipment and develop screenplays that can be taken from paper to real-life and allow for growth, development and encouragement. 

Another program we champion is the Linda Project, one that was designed to provide a place to stay to a senior citizen in need with no obligation of repayment. We want to ensure that everyone in the community feels loved, wanted and dignified no matter their financial circumstances. The Neighbors helping our neighbors program is focussed on assisting and providing for economically and educationally disadvantaged men, women, children, families, and veterans with food, humanitarian supplies, clothing, and support services to help end poverty, homelessness, abuse and isolation to improve their ability to thrive.

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